When You Use High Ground Creative You Get a Creative Fellowship
Specifically Assembled to Meet Your Objectives.

Local Delaware Team!

Our Extended Team

We Have Assembled a Customized Core Group of Creatives and Marketing Professionals Who are Highly Skilled With the Specific Industry Expertise That Produce Work and Results!!!

We are also great at building specialized teams for our clients thru partnerships. We commit to our clients with conviction, great service and cost effectiveness. Our team contains the brightest, creative  minds & talents from Pennsylvania down to Florida with the skill sets and experience perfectly matched to the challenge at hand.  

We call it, Creative Collaboration.  

The team chosen is small and focused.  This is deliberate.  We think being small in size will help us focus on each project we undertake, allowing us to make the creativity and quality our top priority. Being small helps build stronger personal relationship that often gets lost in large organizations.

High Ground Creative has a special relationship with each member of this exclusive team.  There is history and a long-term relationship between the principals at High Ground Creative and every person in this network.

As providers of creative business services, we believe the combination of creativity, technology and collaboration inherent in our process is what makes the work we do for our clients unique and successful.

Our Company is Built on the Principle That to Be Successful You Need to Be Noticed. We help You do That and More.

Our overhead is very minimal so that translates into savings for you.  Quality and efficiency is optimized with our system of collaboration.  In today’s business marketplace and with advances in technology, we do not have to be in the same building/office to provide a quality service for our customers.  We keep the cost down because we can afford to.  As businesspeople, we take pride in building long-term relationships even when the project itself is short-term.