SEO & Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Brings you Traffic.

A Great SEO Brings you Buyers, Pays for Itself, and then Some. High Ground will Help you With Both.

Simple! It attracts the users that are most likely to convert on your website and takes them there.

We understand how complicated SEO can be to understand. You’ve been told so many different things and have no idea what was actually done on your website. That’s why we pride ourselves on educating business owners with all of the information around their campaign with transparent project dashboards.

You are going to see our team working in real time on your campaign, whenever you want. The entire campaign is strategized and executed by our teams so you can focus on more important things. Every month we’ll invite you to sit down with us and chat about the progress and results in addition to our next steps. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have ultimate transparency into what your SEO agency is doing. We make that as simple as possible. Our SEO plans are customized to work towards your lead generation goals with 100% white-hat best practices.

Low (Rural Areas of 50k-200k pop.)

Medium (Urban Areas of 200k-500k pop.)

High (Metropolitan Areas of 500k-1.5M pop.

SEO Audit

Be Found. Evaluate the Competition. Discover the Opportunities. Dive deep into the competition and discover your areas of opportunity in SEO.

Curious to know how well you stack up next to the competition? SEO audits allow you to review where your site currently stands to tackle priority items to improve your search rankings. We take your core keywords & target location and compare them against your competition, current site health, and goals. Our complete SEO audit includes research and a final presentation with our team. Simply put, we break down the best ways to improve your SEO and give you a list to implement.

Each audit analyzes:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • Google My Business & Citations
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Backlinks



  • Site must be indexable to result in a viable audit.
  • No site logins or tools required.
  • This is not a white labeled product but will be editable for resellers who would like to add their logo.
  • All research is provided within the document and linked in Google sheets.
  • A list of final recommendations is summarized for ease of reference.

Local Business SEO

Niche-Focused. Custom Strategy. Transparent Reporting.

Local SEO services can ensure that your customers find you locally, and that you’re always top of mind when customers are in your neighborhood. Without local SEO services, your business could miss out on some of your most qualified traffic, and in turn, miss out on sales.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that is hand-crafted for local businesses looking to increase their visibility in search engines, reach more customers, and of course — earn revenue.

On average our SEO clients see a 20-40% increase in their organic leads year-over-year within 6-9 months.

  • Custom Strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • Onpage SEO
  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Fresh Monthly Content
  • Monthly Reporting


  • Campaigns should carry a 6–9-month commitment to see 20-40% more leads YOY. 
  • Current GMB suspensions or poor-quality backlink building may result in a clean-up process prior to the set course in the roadmap taking place. 
  • Rankings shift daily. Ranking growth should be looked at in a monthly timeline, rather than weekly or daily.
  • Multiple GMB listings require a rotation for optimization or additional GMB Lite add-on per additional location.
  • Agencies under 5 clients are required to follow the set course of our plans without customization.
  • All access points (GMB, GA, GSC, & website) will need to be shared by the onboarding call or you may experience delays with implementation. 

Google My Business (GMB)

Jumpstart your SEO with growing your visibility in Google Maps or add on to what you’re already doing with this unique package. This package will focus on your map listing and report each month on performance. Each campaign is specific to a unique location so be sure to purchase as many as you need!

  • GMB Optimization
  • GMB Q & A
  • GMB Service & Product Build-Out
  • Weekly Google Posts
  • Citation Building
  • Review Responses
  • Google Love
  • Project Management Tracker
  • Keyword Tracking (Up to 40)
  • Monthly Reporting


  • This is a standalone product used to give your location a boost in the map listings.
  • Current GMB listing must be established and verified
  • Multiple GMB listings require a rotation for optimization or additional GMB Lite add-on per additional location.
  • Rankings shift daily. Ranking growth should be looked at in a monthly timeline, rather than weekly or daily.
  • All access points (GMB, GA, GSC, & website) will need to be shared by the onboarding call or you may experience delays with implementation.

Google Analytics Implementation

Track your website visitors to improve user friendliness and gather customer behavior intelligence.

You have a website and people may or may not be visiting it, so we can help you find out exactly how visitors are interacting with your site. Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic*.

You may find the data that Google Analytics records a bit overwhelming, but our team can simplify it so that you understand it better. From here we can recommend website improvements to increase your websites user friendliness.

* Google Analytics has to be in place on the website for 3 months minimum.


Google Ads

Google Ads (also known as Adwords, Paid Search, & PPC), is your ability to “rent” the top spot on a page for a given keyword instead of owning it organically. Understandably, this can get quite expensive as other businesses bid against you to hold that top spot as well. We know the struggle you may have faced investing so much, only to receive so little for your ROI. Our PPC campaigns were built to test & optimize around each keyword set to ensure the highest quality clicks and conversions are taking place. Retargeting visitors from the website through display ads in search is included in our campaigns are launched.

Looking for a faster way to produce quality leads? Let us help you boost your customers in the next 45 days.

  • Custom Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Weekly Optimization
  • A/B Testing of Copy
  • Retargeting
  • Call Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting



  • A well-converting landing page is required unless a new landing page is purchased.
  • Business owner understands that Google Adwords cost per click is based on the current auction bids and are subject to change within their set budget.
  • Initial campaign KPIs for dialing in strategy include an increase in clicks and CTR often prior to lead performance increasing (this a good sign we’re on the right track).
  • Resellers agree to share Adwords access with a white-labeled email address provided by High Ground Creative.
  • Adwords account must be established and credit card for spend added prior to onboarding or this may result in delays.
  • If a prior campaign was run, the negative keyword list and campaign history should be provided for analysis.


Setup Timeline

  • Day 1 – Onboarding Call & requirements are shared
  • Day 3 – Ad copy is sent for review/approval
  • Day 5 – Adwords campaign is built out
  • Day 7 – Campaign is launched
  • Day 10 – Week 1 Update
  • Day 15 – Week 2 Update
  • Day 20 – Week 3 Update
  • Day 30 – Final monthly tasks complete
  • Day 35 – Monthly report is sent over & call to review is offered

Facebook Ads

Can’t seem to get your ads in front of the right demographic? Facebook is one of the internet’s most powerful sales tools when you know how to dial in the audience and creative presented. Our team diligently looks at creative from a user perspective, not just throwing some stock images and copy in a graphic. What would catch their eye? What offer can we showcase? What time of day are we more likely to catch the right user? These are all questions we ask ourselves when developing the perfect campaign for your business. When you have cute puppies and foodie snapshots to compete against, it’s important your team knows what will make you stand out from the rest.

Put your business in front of the right demographic instead of waiting for them to search for you.

  • Original Ad Creative
  • Copywriting
  • A/B Testing of Copy & Creative
  • Offer Creation
  • Need Content
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting


  • Business owner understands FB Ads require time & money to warm up audience 
  • Well converting landing page must be provided unless Funnel add on is purchased. 
  • Audience lists are required, or the business owner understands that the ads will take 2-3 weeks to run for traffic and engagement before moving to a conversion campaign. 
  • Creative may be supplied by agency or business owner. If not, we will create the imagery. 
  • A strong offer or competitive advantage should be developed prior to sign up — FB ads is a cold audience so this should be compelling. 
  • Resellers agree to share access to High Ground Creative via their agency business manager.


Setup Timeline

  • Day 1 – Onboarding call & requirements are shared
  • Day 5 – Ad copy & creative is sent for review/approval   
  • Day 7 – Facebook campaign is built out 
  • Day 10 – Campaign is launched
  • Day 12 – Week 1 Update
  • Day 20 – Week 2 Update
  • Day 30 – Week 3 Update 
  • Day 35 – Monthly report is sent over & call to review is offered