“WOW!  High Ground has just been a terrific asset. A lot of times the conversations we have with them will take us in a direction that we did not initially anticipate, and we love having access to that brain trust. They helped us re-brand, they consulted us in regard to our national e-commerce strategy and built our website.  As I am writing this, I just saw a $4,900 sale come in through the web site.  I think something is working   Although we manage our day-to-day social media, they give us guidance on strategy and also help us produce fun videos to promote our sales campaigns.”

– Stephanie Dawson, General Manager

PBS sells metal roofing, roof trusses and other building materials. They have a retail location and warehouse where they sell direct to consumer. They also supply materials to contractors, locally in Delaware. PBS is a unique company that doesn’t really need a lot of content marketing. Our focus with them is to increase awareness of their product offering which is very much price driven.

When Javier and now High Ground took over their social media account and began managing it 2 years ago, the page had 118 likes/followers. As of October 2020, the page has over 8400 followers. Initially, all posts and content was written and managed by Javier and High Ground. Through the use of video updates and a consistent flow of posts combined with a modest ad budget, their average monthly post reach is over 15,000 with a post engagement of 20% of that reach. Our goal is to let people know about pricing, sales and promotions and then drive them to the website where they can purchase materials online, come to the retail office or call to place an order.

Lastly, in the Spring of 2020 we took their static website and replaced it with a fully functional E-commerce website. We assisted with creating their catalog online and entering the initial product inventory. We also trained several folks from their staff how to enter products, take pictures and manage the store.

Now that they are established and thriving, our role has shifted to consulting them with marketing and messaging strategies. They pretty much handle the every day posts on their Facebook page as well. When ever they need assistance with graphics, designs, video or anything else, we are up for the challenge and jump in to help!

We always say that we consider all of our clients partners. We help them grow and we grow with them. PBS is a perfect example of that.

"WOW!  High Ground Has Just Been a Terrific Asset."