“The folks at High Ground helped us re-brand successfully!  They are very responsive and creative. It’s like having our own in-house marketing team. They understand us because they asked questions and listened. Javier and his team created a well-planned, well-placed, and well-executed marketing/branding campaign for us. Our launch was VERY successful, and we are incredibly busy with customers. We were virtually unknown in the community even though we had been in business for many years. Thanks to High Ground, we now have name recognition in the community. Our budget hasn’t increased, but our exposure has increased tenfold!” Thank you very much!” 

– Kyle Rector, Senior Master Electrician and Manager

What’s interesting about this company is that their story is very similar to Septic Masters. Our client acquired a local electrical company and wanted to change the name and create an entirely new brand. We were asked to create a brand that looked and presented itself as having been in business for a long time, the same way that the folks at Septic Masters did. It’s a “start-up” by name but in every other way, it wasn’t.

They had already decided on a name and asked us to design their logo. As we do with all our clients when we design a brand and logo, we met with the principals of the company to discuss what they were thinking and things that they wanted to see. What’s interesting about this situation is that they gave us full creative freedom and didn’t have anything in mind. The only creative direction we received was, “Bright, loud and in-your-face”…we took the challenge!

Designing the logo was a very quick process. Javier had an idea in his head about it and basically the logo we presented to the client was what they chose. This happens a lot with us. Because we really take the time to understand what the customer wants, we sometimes succeed with a design and branding schema on the first try. They LOVED the logo. They loved the choice of red and black as their main colors. We lead with red and complement with black and white.

Aside from creating the brand and logo, we were hired to design the website, collateral materials, vehicle signage and a social medial content strategy which they wanted us to also design and administer.

Lastly, we have produced a few videos for them as well as media purchasing with radio spots with iHeart Media locally.

Bright, loud and “in-your-face”…what do you think?

"The Folks at High Ground Helped Us Re-Brand Successfully!"